General policy plenary session in the Basque Parliament: intervention of the PSE-EE


The general secretary of the PSE-EE has defended the role of the socialists “in Euskadi, in Spain and in Europe as a whole”, pointing out that “we have decided not to respond to this crisis with austerity and austerity”.

Euskaraz irakurri: PSE: “Erakutsi dugu krisiei aurre egiteko best modu bat zegula”

The General Secretary of the PSE-EE, Eneko Andueza, has defended the role of the socialists in managing the current crisis from the governments of Euskadi and Spain and also “in Europe as a whole”. “We have shown that there was another way of dealing with crises,” he claimed during his speech at the General Policy Plenary Assembly of the Basque Parliament.

“It is not the same to rule left or right, it is not the same to rule for the minority who have the most or for a social majority,” he defended.

In this sense, he pointed out that “unlike 10 years ago”, when the PP ruled in Spain, “we have decided that this crisis should not be answered with austerity and austerity”.

As he said, “we promote reforms that work. From the governments we give assurance”.

The leader of the Basque socialists has emphasized that during the first part of the parliamentary term, the PSE “praised” the adherence to the government agreement “and demanded that it be fulfilled” when they had doubts. “We are useful and when that usefulness requires us to raise our voice, we raise it,” he noted.

He has pointed out that they are “reasonably satisfied” with the coalition government, although he is convinced that this government and its priorities “would very likely be different without the socialists”.

In addition, it has supported measures announced today by the lehendakari to face the crisis they are using “every possible means” to help and protect those in urgent need, and has warned that any tax measure negotiated should be progressive in nature and benefit the most vulnerable groups.

He acknowledged that “difficult” times lay ahead, but emphasized that co-government could face difficulties with greater strength.

wire transfers

On the other hand, Andueza de Lehendakari has told that he “knows” that the government of Pedro Sánchez has told him in recent days that this is an auspicious time to design a new phase of the negotiations on the pending transfers, therefore, according to said he does not consider the “permanent complaint” necessary.

Since Sánchez became president, “the greatest progress has been made in recent years on self-government with 11 transfers and progress is being made in the few that remain,” emphasized Andueza, stating that there has been no “stagnation nor setback” in transfers. matter.

“Lehendakari, you know as well as I do that in recent days there has been communication between the Government of Spain and the Basque Government, and that the Government of Spain has informed you that it believes that this is an auspicious time to a new phase of negotiations,” he revealed.

That is why he has continued, asking that the focus should not be on the differences but on what unites and has called for continuing to bet on co-governance, institutional loyalty and commitment to the social majority and not in the “permanent complaint” for the ” simple fact that you have something to say in the media”.

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Source: EITB


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