Bernardo Atxaga will be one of the 35 leaders of Sumar . to be


The Gipuzkoan writer will join Yolanda Díaz, Second Vice President of the Government of Spain Yolanda, in the management team of her political platform, as Coordinator of Culture.

Euskaraz irakurri: Bernardo Atxaga, add platform Zuzendaritza taldean

Bernardo Atxaga will the . to accompany Second Vice President of the Government of Spain, Yolanda Díazin the Directing team of his political platform To add, which this Friday announced the 35 members of the team, ahead of the act of its presentation in a local Madrid. Atxaga will replace the position of culture coordinator.

Díaz had mentioned that he wanted to surround himself with well-known professionals in their field so that they would lead the analysis and debate teams by topic. Bernardo Atxaga will be part of the Management Team together with the political scientist Ignacio Sánchez Cuenca, the doctor Rafael Cofiño, the philosopher César Rendueles and the trade unionist Agustín Moreno.

The sociologist Margarita Baragaño, the economist Jaume Pallerols, the physicist Joaquín Sevilla Moróder and the architect Zaida Muxí are other professionals who will lead the Sumar analysis teams, a platform through which Díaz plans to run in next general election.

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