Stuani: “Life can change you at any time”


Christian Stuani He is closer to the playing fields after the arrhythmia suffered almost a month ago, leaving a great fear for him and for everything that surrounds the red and white creature. The Uruguayan returned to training with his teammates and spoke about how he experienced such a complicated situation.

Slowly, the battering ram returns to normal. “I’m fine. I’m living my normal life. The truth is I had a good scare but in the end it stayed there. The diagnosis was positive. Little by little I’m joining the team and my return is very close. That’s good news, not just for me but for everyone who follows me and those who watch me, and by the way, I’m taking this opportunity to thank them. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m really looking forward to”, he confessed.

In The Uruguayan surprised him. “These are the moments you don’t expect. You realize that life can change you at any time. When everything happened I started to question myself and look for explanations. You come to the conclusion that, in my case, it was something sporadic and that there was no real danger. I just think to continue to value many things, especially everyday things like family and friends. You learned from everything,” he said.

From there many reflections came. “You value everything more. In my case, I try to enjoy every moment and continue to give everything in my power to continue to help this club and my teammates. I want to enjoy football and I feel lucky and privileged to defend this shirt”, he proudly said.

Also he was satisfied at the start of the season. “I am very happy with the work of the team in these games. I think we competed very well and I really liked how we planned the matches. From the outside you’re struggling and it feels good to play as well, which makes it hard to know that you still can’t help the team. Although the last game ended in defeat, that was the means to the end. We are embodying the ideas that the coach has, we are forming a competitive team and that is very important”, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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