Project Ballhausplatz – Putin & Gas: Kurz testifies in the U-committee today


After a ten-month hiatus from the political scene, Sebastian Kurz will be questioned on Wednesday by the ÖVP’s Commission of Inquiry. It will be a match for every word. The focus is on gas dependence on Russia, advertising and posting.

The ex-ÖVP chancellor looks forward to his return to parliament calmly and above all without passion. The trio of MPs Stefanie Krisper (Neos), Jan Krainer (SPÖ) and Nina Tomaselli (Greens) approached the investigation of Sebastian Kurz’s subcommittee with more verve. They expect a match for every word.

After his opening statement, Kurz will likely switch to “silent” mode. The former chancellor is under two investigations, meaning he has the right to be fired.

Hanger wants to be on the wall again
In addition, ÖVP faction leader Andreas Hanger will play the Praetorian for his ex-party leader. He announces many point of order debates when it comes to the admissibility of questions. “The opposition wants to be able to hang Kurz false statements again.” Hanger wants to prevent that.

NEOS: Kurz wasted a lot of money
In the latest survey, NEOS did not have the option to ask Kurz a question. Back then, he skillfully filled the four-hour time limit with exaggerated answers. This time there is no escaping it: the Pinkies have the right to ask questions first. Krisper will focus on the gas deal with Russia.

“We wonder what the ÖVP was thinking when Kurz and Putin made sure that OMV chained us to Russian gas until 2040. Was that just complete inability, as is so often the case – or was it the interests of party members and donors? Krisper said. The pink MP also wants to examine the placement of advertisements during his time as chancellor. “A lot of money has been wasted here.”

Source: Krone


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