Mood barometer – referendum: ‘They are often political matches’


Many referendums are not conducted, but they serve as a mood barometer and their effects unfold later.

The Austrians and their money. The referendum reached number 1 on the current charts. 13th place overall – see chart below.

“It depends on how strong the subject pulls”
The money stays. No politician will dare to abolish it. But taking the 100,000 hurdle doesn’t always end at the finish line. “It depends on how strong the subject is,” says party expert Hubert Sickinger.

And even in the past, it wasn’t always like the first request for ORF independence. Example conference center (today Austria Center Vienna). At the top of the ranking with 1.3 million. Driven by the ÖVP. Only regent Kreisky (SPÖ) had it built anyway.

It often involves political competitions. Sickinger yells “Don’t smoke in bars”. More than 800,000 signatures. In addition, the medical association behind it. The FPÖ continued to push for the blue haze. “But as soon as the turquoise government was over, the ban was put in place.”

Source: Krone


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