SPÖ: “Unanswered questions” – Subsidy for energy costs: chaos threatens now?


SPÖ criticizes the bill, the ministry is now explaining the procedure.

It was an exhausting battle in turquoise and green jerseys. Energy cost subsidy for companies given the huge price increases. From February to September 1.4 billion is to be paid out. The Greens made demands. Even gastroenteric “warming mushrooms” mutated into gigantic stumbling blocks. In the end it was fast. Maybe too soon?

SPÖ: “Too many unanswered questions”
The SPÖ is fiercely critical: too many unanswered questions. Especially after the exam. As before, one position will be Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws; financing bank of the Republic). The “possibly second” mentioned in the application? Open. SPÖ energy spokesperson Alois Schroll: “Instead of lowering prices through market interventions, as in Germany, the government is stumbling towards the next subsidy chaos. There is no trace of the guidelines on the law. To this day, no one knows who will qualify.”

Energy cost subsidy is handled by the aws
The “Krone” asked Economics Minister Martin Kocher. From his department it says: The energy cost subsidy is processed by the aws. The guidelines were sent directly to Brussels for notification. After that, the final guideline can be published. “We are also working on a flat-rate financing model for micro and small businesses.” The questions of how long everything will take, who and when will eventually be financed and what a “possible” second test center entails are waiting for an answer.

Source: Krone


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