The IU appeals to the Strasbourg court before the Spanish judiciary refuses to investigate Juan Carlos I.


The Izquierda Unida appealed to the Strasbourg court alleging that the Spanish justice system had violated two rights in its refusal to investigate the alleged crimes of Juan Carlos I. The investigation, which the prosecution conducted around the facts belonging to King Emeritus, was kept secret in the investigation for two years, criticized the interpretation of the inviolability of the Supreme Court, rejected the complaint of the United Left itself, which was the complaint. He also appeared before the Constitutional Court.

The political party, which is addressing Strasbourg with the Spanish Communist Party and the Left Bar Association and the Bar Association, believes that effective judicial protection has not been protected as the prosecution’s investigative actions are beyond the court. The system, consistent with a hierarchical institution headed by the government and its development, is “vetoed before the public” and does not give any appearance, explain the sources of political formation who believe that the right to a fair trial has been violated. .

At the IU, on the other hand, they understand that the two appeals to the Supreme Court have “a special way of understanding the constitutional concept of inviolability.” “It is interpreted as a kind of immunity from being left unpunished for any crime,” they added, citing a recent ruling by London Judge Matthew Nicklin, which ruled out King Emeritus’ inviolability protecting him from prosecution. Filed by his ex-unmarried partner, Corina Larsen, for harassment and threats.

The applicants also allege that the right to a fair trial was violated in connection with the actions of magistrates in Spain, who rejected their appeal to the Supreme Court. In the filing order, Supreme Court judges downplayed plaintiffs with terms such as “public action professionals.” The IU believes that there is a lack of impartiality, as Spain was punished for saying during the trial of Judge Angela Murillo Arnaldo oteg: “I already knew I was not going to answer this question.”

Complaints to the ECHR must be made on a standard form that sets out the facts and irregularities reported and to which the annexes must be attached, as in the case of the IU which has submitted a total of twenty documents. The Strasbourg court will first analyze whether the claim meets the admissibility criteria, both formally and substantively. If it is allowed to be processed, a lengthy process will begin in which Spain will have to declare its allegations on demand.

Prosecutors in March last year filed a triple investigation that was openly kept around Juan Carlos de Bourbon and his property, alleging that alleged crimes had been established or that actions had been committed while the then head of state enjoyed immunity. Investigators understand that a possible tax offense was committed before 2011 so they would have already been imposed, or that they were committed while the monarch was still protected by his inviolability.

Source: El Diario


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