PSNI’s second search for Mid and East Antrim Council headquarters in misconduct investigation


Middle East Council and Antrim offices in Balimina

Police conducted a second search at Middle East and Antrim Borough Council headquarters to investigate suspected misconduct in a public office.

As it turns out, investigators from the PSNI’s Criminal Investigations Branch visited the council’s offices in Ballymena on Tuesday.

This was followed by a police raid on the headquarters in October last year, during which information spread that computers and documents had been confiscated.

In a statement, a PSNI spokesperson told Belfast Live: “Investigators from the Criminal Investigations Branch visited the Bridgeman Building, Bridge Street, on the evening of April 5 as part of the ongoing investigation into and release of suspected misconduct in the Information Act of 2000.

“Since this is an ongoing investigation, it would not be appropriate to provide further comments at this time.”

PSNI will not say if any items were removed from the building during the visit.

The Middle East and East Counter-Terrorism Council has faced several months of controversy, including allegations of bullying and a shortage of senior staff.

Controversy escalated surrounding the board of directors over a controversial decision last year to lay off staff who were conducting Brexit-related checks over alleged security concerns from Port Larney.

Chief Executive Anne Donahoe has been criticized for a controversial letter she sent to the UK government on the advice of three Democratic Federalist lawmakers, which raised concerns about the Northern Ireland protocol.

The police investigation is linked to an alleged attempt to revoke the requested correspondence based on information showing that he sent this letter to several DUP politicians, according to a BBC investigation.

As is known, police investigations have been expanded to include other cases, including the alleged bankruptcy of the city council through publicly disclosed information about the costs of clothing the former DUP mayor.

Ms. Donaghy was released in December during a separate investigation into allegations of bullying and harassment. He categorically denied any wrongdoing and took legal action against the board of directors, alleging discrimination.

The new CEO was appointed in February for 601,060 per day, but resigned after three weeks due to health issues.

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Source: Belfastlive


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