Debate about asylum tents – FPÖ angry: ‘VdB is committed to illegal immigrants’


The FPÖ has launched another major attack against Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. The reason is the current debate about the accommodation of asylum seekers in tents. The head of state recently criticized this. “Once again, the green-left Federal President is campaigning for illegal migrants and asylum seekers instead of helping Austrians suffering from extreme inflation and rising prices and against an incompetent and inactive government,” Liberal Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz said angrily.

Van der Bellen spoke out critically on Thursday evening about the accommodation of asylum seekers in tents. “People who have to leave their country for various reasons must be humanely received in Austria until their residence status is clarified and most importantly, they must be properly cared for. We can do better than pitch thin tents,” he wrote on Twitter.

For this he was sharply criticized by FPÖ General Michael Schnedlitz. However, the fact is that anyone who is persecuted would like to be cared for, fed and protected as in Austria. That is an insult to any displaced person who really seeks protection.

“These masses of people flooding Europe have only one reason to migrate en masse, which is to take advantage of a welfare state in Europe,” emphasized Schnedlitz.

Schnedlitz: “VdB breaks EU agreement”
According to Schnedlitz, this is clearly illegal migration. “Again, all rules such as the Dublin Convention are being broken and ignored. With his tweet, Van der Bellen also deliberately violates these EU agreements. While our people are suffering from Black-Green and sliding into a state of emergency because of this government, the president has nothing to do but stand up for economic refugees who are illegally staying in the country. Finally, he will also ‘save’ the All Saints rioters,” Schnedlitz said.

Source: Krone


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