250 Afghans and Syrians – Mayor Köfer: “Asylum attack on Spittal”


Gerhard Köfer (Team Carinthia), mayor of Spittal an der Drau, invited Tuesday to a spontaneous press event. It’s about an “asylum attack on Spittal”. Already on Monday, when Interior Minister Gerhard Karner was visiting Carinthia, it turned out that another refugee camp would be set up.

A few hours later, Köfer’s phone rang. “The lady sent ahead by the interior minister told me that up to 250 refugees from Syria and Afghanistan will be housed in the Gaborhalle,” Köfer said after a special session of the city council. All factions are very surprised at the information from the federal and state governments, especially since the refugee officer Sara Schaar (SPÖ) from Carinthia is from Spittal an der Drau.

Haselsteiner Hall as accommodation
The Gaborhalle, which is owned by the Haselsteiner Foundation, is considered housing. In conversation with Köfer, owner Hans Peter Haselsteiner was also surprised. Haselsteiner’s lawyers now want to check whether there is a contract with the Federal Care Agency and if so, how they can get out of it as quickly as possible.

City politics declare war on Karner
Not only Haselsteiner’s lawyers could become a problem for the Ministry of the Interior. “We will defend ourselves against the procedure,” announces Köfer. The mayor wants to prevent the asylum district by means of construction supervision measures. “The property has been designated as a commercial area. Accommodation is not allowed there by law,” says Köfer.

The Carinthian refugee policy was not only criticized by the Federal Care Agency, the Spittal SPÖ was also disappointed. “We are faced with a fait accompli here, although Governor Kaiser and refugee officer Scissors agreed,” says the Spittal Red Party.

Source: Krone


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