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Former chancellor Sebastian Kurz has had a new job in the region for a few days, where he is currently spending part of his life professionally. After offices in Israel, where he recently founded a start-up with ex-spyware boss Shalev Hulio, and in Dubai, Kurz has now been appointed sole European representative on the advisory board of the Abraham Accords Peace Institute. This was announced on its website on Friday.

Since November 14, Kurz has served as an honorary advisor to the Abraham Accords Peace Institute (AAPI), founded by Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. In this position, the former ÖVP leader will campaign in Europe for more support for the further development of the so-called Abraham Accords and, in the context of his professional activities in the region, promote dialogue between Israel and the Arab states. .

Matches are meant to end animosity
The Abraham Accords are a series of bilateral agreements signed by a number of countries (six to date) as part of their Middle East policies. The aim is to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the signatory states and end past hostilities.

However, the signatory states have not committed themselves to specific measures in the diplomatic documents. How they want to do this is up to them or separate agreements. Therefore, in September 2020, the journalist Noa Landau wrote in the Israeli daily Haaretz critical of the signing of a peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that “even beauty pageant contestants have already learned to include more concrete content in their speeches for packaging world peace.”

Also a former Democratic senator on the advisory board
Former Democratic US Senator Joe Lieberman and representatives from Israel and the six countries that have already signed bilateral agreements with Israel also serve on the AAPI advisory board. The Institute has set itself the task of supporting the implementation of existing agreements and promoting the signing of further agreements.

“The Abraham Accords were a historic milestone, achieving what was previously thought impossible. I am therefore delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to improving relations between Israel and the Arab world as part of the Advisory Board of the Abraham Accords Peace Institute. I hope many countries will follow suit,” Kurz said on the AAPI website.

Start-up founded with former spyware boss
Just five weeks ago, it was announced that Kurz was co-founding a start-up with Israel’s Shalev Hulio to ensure the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures. The latter made headlines in particular for his work as head of the technology company NSO. It had monitored hundreds of journalists, politicians and human rights activists from different countries using the so-called Pegasus software.

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