White House and Reagan Conservatives battle to shut Trump out


Major American media decides to ignore the former president to prevent him from returning to power

Donald Trump is back and this time they are taking him seriously. Paradoxically, it has less attention than before, but only because the United States has already understood that media attention is its oxygen balloon. Many dare not even pronounce his name. President Joe Biden calls him “the guy from before” and his potential rivals prefer not to talk about it.

The media has understood that it is their ‘Frankenstein’. They made you. Trump would not have been president without the $2 billion in free publicity he received following his outrageous statements. The dilemma is how to ignore a new campaign by the man who became president and nearly killed democracy in the most serious coup attempt the North American country has suffered in its history.

“We just have to make sure he doesn’t come back to power by any legitimate means in our Constitution to prevent him,” President Biden said when asked about it. It sounded simple, but it isn’t. Biden is an old-fashioned politician, a loyal follower of a country that has ceased to exist. One where the people believe in democracy and put the nation above their personal interests. In which Democrats and Republicans can negotiate together for the common good and the majority respects officials who devote their lives to the institutions.

The president is convinced that if many Americans did not vote for his party last week, it is because they do not know how many things he has done in these two years to improve the lives of his citizens. Firmly convinced that it’s just a communication problem, in a society with so much background noise, his team of advisers addressed the Twitter account hours before Trump formally announced his decision to run in the election for a third time. The strategy, ‘facts’ against hoaxes. The premise: the truth always prevails.

The first video of his 2024 campaign was entitled ‘The difference between talking and delivering’. It was about 23 seconds that contrasted the image of Trump at the microphone promising major infrastructure investments with that of Biden signing the billion-dollar investment. More than two million people have seen it on Twitter. Trump was still in the middle of his very long speech, lasting over an hour, when the Biden team released another multimedia hit titled “Donald Trump Fails America.” Sounding like a Hollywood trailer, the succession of images and television clips recalled his intention to dismantle health care and incite violence against the Capitol. “If a pardon is needed for that, we will give it,” he promised. More than 900 people are facing trial for crimes committed during the January 6 uprising. If Trump returns to the White House, they can count on a presidential pardon. Rome does not pay traitors, but encourages loyalty and needs its army.

This time Trump is not alone. He is accompanied by the magic move of the red caps with his ‘Make America Great Again’ (Make America great again). Die-hard supporters who make up between 30 and 40% of the Republican party. With them, he could easily win the conservative party primary, where the rest of the Republican voters will be split between several candidates, which may include Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Vice President Mike Pence, and former CIA director and former secretary of state. Mike Pompeo. The more entries, the greater the chance of winning the title.

Winning the primaries will be the easy part. Many conservatives fear he will, because they believe he cannot win the general election. Therefore, on Tuesday, they saw a much more subdued and sleep-inducing Trump, who avoided even whipping the press. He talked about the common good, mocked Biden and, in his own way, avoided being the center of the universe. In doing so, he hopes to reach those who remember his mandate as a time of prosperity against the current galloping inflation.

Joe Biden’s White House isn’t the only entity that had the ads ready to fight back. There, Anita Dunn, one of the president’s chief communications strategists, and the deputy chief of staff, Jen O’Malley Dillon, are responsible for spreading their message on social networks. On the conservative side, the Lincoln Project, which rose from the ranks of the Republican Party to prevent Trump’s reelection, used the same emotional weapons as the former president used in his initial announcement: “Donald Trump is back. Angry, vengeful, ready to take over the White House and destroy America again,” the voice-over reads with somber music. “And who’s going to stop him? These faint-hearted? The businessmen? They get down on their knees and write you a check. The media? They go for the show.” The ad minute airing on FOX News is an appeal to those Americans who are “ready to put country before party.” How much left?

For the next two years, the US will be the battleground between the two factions, between the people against Washington and the establishment. Trump plans to make Mar-a-Lago his campaign headquarters and present himself as an “outsider.” “America or Trump,” according to the Lincoln Project. The former president has the strongest advisers in his administration, such as Steve Miller, Peter Navarro or Steve Bannon, and Republican strategist Chris LaCivita, who will lead the Political Action Committee to raise funds. His campaign is expected to be smaller and more controllable by the only one who can tell him what to do: himself. The prospect of a rematch against Biden motivates him as much as it bores Americans.

The “rematch” has been so served that even Attorney General Merrick Garland himself has taken it for granted by appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Trump. Those who accompany him on the journey will no longer have access to his daughter Ivanka or his son-in-law Jared Kushner to control their tantrums and impulsiveness. “I will do whatever I wanted to do from the start and not…” he told himself to the National Rifle Association. “But this time I don’t care.”

Source: La Verdad


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