Montero says that for Toscano “to cross that line, there were a lot of other people who touched him”


After the personal insults of the Vox delegate in Congress yesterday, the Minister of Equality has assured that with these disqualifications they want to “stop” the feminist struggle, but they will not succeed.

Euskaraz irakurri: Monteroren ustez, Toscanok “muga hori gainditzeko, dear pertsona asko ari ziren doi-doi ukitzen”

After the episode of “political violence” that took place yesterday in the Congress of Deputies, the Minister of Equality of the Spanish Government, Irene Monterospecified that for the Vox delegate Carla Tuscany “I passed that limit before many other people touched it.”

In the context of the “only yes is yes” bill, Vox’s deputy accused Irene Montero of being a “libertarian from rapists” and reproached her for “only merit” in retaining her position was “thoroughly discrediting Pablo Iglesias.” have studied”. The left bench in Congress responded with a standing ovation that lasted more than two minutes.

In an interview on Cadena Ser, Montero referred to what happened in Congress yesterday. “It’s not like someone stands up and expresses an outrage that day,” said Montero, who has encouraged a “reflection” on this political violence.

The head of Equality has alluded to the campaign of messages and insults resulting from the crisis of the “only yes is yes” law and has recalled that they have been accused, even from progressive sectors, of feminists not knowing how to make laws , of being “useless”, having no criteria of their own, or being commanded by “an alpha male”.

Against this violence, he has defended the need to show that “we are more” and that ‘They are not going to make it with that feminist struggle’.

The minister has also described campaigns of “personal destruction” as campaigns followed by some “media powers”, so that feminists are not worthy to engage in politics and to socially delegitimize that struggle.

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Source: EITB


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