Briefly at WKStA: – “I did nothing wrong”


Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has provided the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStA) with a tape recording of a telephone conversation with former ÖBAG boss Thomas Schmid. That should relieve him. In his interrogation on Monday, Kurz stressed that he was not guilty of anything. This could already be confirmed by 30 witnesses.

“I am glad that I was able to provide the WKStA with a tape that clearly shows that the allegations are false,” said Sebastian Kurz before his interrogation in the “ZiB”. clarify these allegations.” In addition, 30 witnesses have already testified at the WKStA, all of whom would also exonerate him.

The former secretary general of the Ministry of Finance and ÖBAG boss Thomas Schmid had accused the former chancellor and other ÖVP members, as well as close confidants, in several cases. One allegation is that Kurz knew his investigations were funded by the Treasury. These employee surveys are said to have helped him take over the presidency and chancellorship of the ÖVP party.

Schmid’s behavior was contradictory
A recording of a conversation that Kurz and Schmid had in October 2021 after the searches in the State Chancellery has now been handed over. In this, the former chancellor asked several times how Schmid came to the conclusion that he was involved in the inquiry affair. Schmid stated after the publication that he assumed that he was being tapped and therefore had behaved contradictory.

The ex-chancellor’s interrogation was initially scheduled for all Monday. The WKStA has not disclosed whether Kurz will undergo further investigation.

Source: Krone


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