You can hear that, but… – SPÖ leader: Don’t overestimate the Doskozi dispute


Pamela Rendi-Wagner does not take the differences of opinion with her Burgenland party leader, Hans Peter Doskosil, as tragic. “Of course you hear that, but you shouldn’t overestimate all that,” the SPÖ leader said on Saturday on Ö1 in the “Journal zu Gast” about the investigation commissioned by Doskosil’s state party, which gave the governor of Burgenland better chances in a national election as yourself.

“Let’s leave the church in the village,” says Rendi-Wagner. In her time as party leader, there have been hundreds of polls, and that is only one. One should not let oneself be guided by this, because otherwise there is a risk of losing credibility, said the SPÖ leader.

Over the past few days, she has had numerous internal discussions and expressed the common strong desire for unity and acting as a strong joint team. The prerequisite for this unity, however, is participation in meetings. Like all other state party leaders, Doskozil is always invited.

Rendi-Wagner: “No differences of opinion about asylum”
Rendi-Wagner denied allegations that there were differences of opinion in the SPÖ over asylum. She pointed out that the socialists were the only party with a clear plan of action. Everyone in the SPÖ agrees on this.

In terms of content, Rendi-Wagner advocated processing centers at the external borders of the EU. Asylum must be decided there. In the event of a negative decision, rapid return to the countries of origin is important. She again criticized the government and the ÖVP: “Not a single repatriation agreement has been concluded by the ÖVP in the last five years.”

‘Hungary waves people endlessly’
The SPÖ leader reiterated that the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) was not working. Otherwise it would not be possible to explain why Hungary has only 50 asylum applications this year and Austria 90,000. “Hungary waves people endlessly.” However, Rendi-Wagner does not believe that all 27 EU countries will be won over to a new asylum system. Therefore, Austria should seek partnerships with other countries for common solutions.

Regarding the planned exodus of the SPÖ from the party headquarters in Vienna’s Löwelstraße, the party leader stated that a joint decision had been made with the employees and the involvement of experts. A new concept has been found for modern workplaces. It is not yet clear where the party is going.

Source: Krone


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