I am a migrant, I live in the Basque Country and I want to vote in the May 2023 elections: what should I do?


More than 57,000 migrants living in the CAV meet the requirements to vote in the elections on May 28. The Basque Migration and Asylum Forum explains in detail how to do this through the “To vote is your right” campaign.

Euskaraz irakurri: Migratzailea naiz, Euskadin bizi naiz eta maiatzeko hauteskundeetan bozkatu nahi eng: zer egin behar eng?

The next electoral nomination is scheduled for next May 28, 2023the date on which the municipal elections and municipal elections. In this context, the Basque Forum for Migration and Asylum launched the campaign “Voting is your right”which is addressed to an estimated population of 57,412 persons of foreign origin living in the Basque Country who meet the conditions to participate in the elections; The Forum has published a guide explaining the different requirements for citizens coming from the European Union and in one of the Countries with a bilateral suffrage treaty: Bolivia, Cape Verde, Colombia, Korea, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, the United Kingdom and Trinidad and Tobago.

these are the steps to follow for the citizens to whom we allude:

– If you citizen of the European Union and you have voted beforeyou don’t have to eachas you are already registered or registered on the electoral roll.

– If you EU citizen and you want to exercise your right to vote for the first timeyou shall make clear your intention to do so before January 30, 2023. For this you have the certificate of registration, and explicitly express your wish to exercise the voting right via this website. You can also do it indoors City Hall of your municipality of residence, by completing the formal declaration form available on the website we have just left the link to here, or by posting mail.

– If you citizen of a country that does not belong to the European Unionhowever, the registration period on the electoral roll is open from December 1 and ends for the January 15, 2023.

– You must get:

* The certificate of registration in the municipality of habitual residence.

* The residence permit in the Spanish state

– If your country of origin is Norway or UKyou should have legally resided in the Spanish state for three years.

– If your country of origin is every other among the ones we described above you need have legally resided in Spain for five years.

Next will be needed the document expressing the desire to exercise the right to vote, which we have already talked about.

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Source: EITB


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