The EU proposes new sanctions against Russia in light of the escalation of violence in Ukraine


The European Commission is committed to financially penalizing another 200 people and entities and banning the export of parts needed to manufacture drones

The European Commission is preparing a new set of measures against Russia following the escalation of violence in Ukraine in recent weeks. Brussels proposes to include individual sentences for 200 entities and individuals, including members of the State Duma and the Russian Federal Council, in its ninth sanctions package. In addition, it will penalize three new Russian banks and limit Moscow’s access to drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, such as those Russian forces have used to attack Ukrainian cities in recent days.

“We will strike hard at the Russian army, military and defense sector, arms companies and those who plan missile strikes targeting civilians and civilian structures, which is a clear violation of international law,” said Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy. . In a similar vein, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has spoken out, assuring that the European Union (EU) is ready to “increase the pressure” to “make Russia pay for its cruelty”.

The new sanctions package, which will be presented to ambassadors of the Twenty-Seven in the coming days, lists 200 “key figures” and entities in Moscow’s “cruel and deliberate” aggression against Kiev. In addition to the targeted attack on energy infrastructure, which left thousands of homes without heating and water, the EU accuses the Kremlin of “indiscriminate attacks against civilians”, kidnapping Ukrainian children and stealing agricultural products.

Brussels is also proposing sanctions against three additional Russian banks, which they hope will “paralyze Putin’s war machine”. In the arms sector, the bloc has proposed new controls and export restrictions, including certain chemical compounds and electronic components. In addition, the EU will try to limit Russia’s access to all types of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles by banning the export of drone engines to Moscow and third countries such as Iran, “which could supply Russia with these parts”.

In the field of propaganda, Brussels proposes to stop broadcasting four other channels on Community territory. The Commission is also encouraging the imposition of new energy sanctions, banning Russian investment in the mining sector.

Source: La Verdad


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