American couple fell asleep after 80 years together


Joint 100th birthday and 79th wedding anniversary – after eight decades, the two Americans Hubert Malicote and June fell asleep peacefully.

Hubert Malicote and June met at a Sunday church service in Kentucky in 1941. It was love at first sight! A year later, the two lovers walked down the aisle and said yes. Hubert enlisted and returned safely from World War II as a member of the United States Navy. The reunited couple then moved to Ohio State, settled there and had three healthy children.

“You don’t hurt the person you love”
The family grew, there are now seven grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. On her 100th birthday in the spring of this year, June revealed the secret of her successful marriage to local TV channel WLWT on camera: “We haven’t even had a fight in all these years. You don’t hurt the person you love. pain and you always find an agreement.”

When the couple celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary in June this year, husband Hubert stepped on camera and said, “I can’t imagine life without June. If we’re not together our team is broken.”

Shared love continued to the afterlife
A few days ago the team fell apart, Hubert fell asleep and never woke up again. June died just 20 hours later. The love they shared continued into the afterlife. Hubert and June’s love lasted from a young age until their deaths together. The couple’s secret: “We never argued!”

Source: Krone


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