Talk to Katia Wagner – “There will be massive refugee flows”


Around November 15, the eight billionth person was born. This means there are more people on Earth than ever before! This will have different effects on the world and our coexistence. Whether it’s about climate, raw materials or migration: the interviewees at Katia Wagner are sure that the challenges will increase. Political scientist and migration activist Monika Mokre emphasizes: “Climate change will lead to huge migration flows.” Philosopher Hubert Niedermayr is sure: “If we continue as before, we will not be here in 100 years…”

The youth minister Claudia Plakolm (ÖVP) is also concerned about demographic changes. While four working people would have transported a retiree in the 1950s, “soon there would be only two”.

Plakolm: “Start with the motivation of the boys”
It is therefore necessary to start with the “motivation of young people” to work full-time and also to ensure that older people work longer.

Climate activist: “It’s a matter of life and death”
The fact that, according to calculations by the United Nations, there will be 10 billion people in the world in 2057, also has an impact on our climate. “The problem is not the people, but how much emissions we produce,” explains Michael Spiekermann of the “Fridays For Future” movement.

He is sure: “We are currently on a course where our lives are in danger and we will have bigger problems than the pension system.” The climate crisis will increase poverty, hunger, the risk of disasters, but also migration.

Migration activist: ‘Migration can also have its advantages’
Political scientist and migration activist Monika Mokre shares this view: “Climate change will lead to huge migration flows”. In her view, however, this need not be a problem for a long time, because: “Migration can also be viewed positively and can have its advantages. For example, it rejuvenates society,” says Mokre firmly. Rather, we should “consider how all people on earth can live with dignity”. She explains, “Very few people leave out of a thirst for adventure.” Austria can also do much more, but that is not done out of “unwillingness”.

Plakolm: “Austria is very attractive for migrants”
Claudia Plakolm (ÖVP) unsurprisingly sees it a little differently. Austria is “very attractive” for refugees and migrants: “Many want to grow up safely in Austria, build a nice life and cause riots with the police for the necessary kick.” Children and young people who flee are men”. If 35,000 asylum seekers in Austria are currently unemployed, “work motivation” should also be started here.

Philosopher: Need another understanding of life
Philosopher and lawyer Hubert Niedermayr is sure that one day we will have an “entirely different system of life”. “We will have to rethink our lifestyle,” says the successful author. In short, he trusts in the good in people: “If we’re still here in 100 years, it means we’ve found ways to live together. I’m optimistic!”

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