Schengen veto – the coalition plunges into the next crisis


Four days ago, attempts were made to smooth over the deep rifts within the coalition. That’s over now. The veto against the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area has left the coalition in serious difficulties. The Greens are very annoyed with the ÖVP. They advocate a reconsideration of this issue.

Although Green vice chancellor Werner Kogler and Green club boss Sigi Maurer remained silent on Friday, Alma Zadić was sent out to express displeasure. The Green Minister of Justice underlined in Brussels that her party does not support the veto. Even before the decisive meeting on Thursday, Vice Chancellor Kogler had tried to explore the different positions with Karner. However in vain. Karner put on his steel helmet and vetoed it.

The Greens tried to evade responsibility with argumentative distortions. Mandate holder Michel Reimon explained on Twitter that each minister was free to make his or her decision when voting in Brussels. The Greens would have no influence on Karner. Reimon also expressed the hope of being able to restore this decision in a traffic light coalition. But that was not a sign of new elections, he later emphasized.

The ÖVP is also facing headwind from this decision from Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. The head of state regrets the behavior “extremely”.

The Netherlands also voted against accession
He realizes that Austria is in a difficult position due to the influx of migrants. “But unfortunately I have to admit that I do not see the connection between this problem and the Schengen accession of Romania and Bulgaria.”

At the Ministry of the Interior, but also at the Federal Chancellery, people practice calm. “Unfortunately, you have to resort to such methods to be heard in Brussels,” said the chancellor. In addition, people do not understand the excitement, because the Netherlands also voted against the admission of Bulgaria and Romania. Ida Butcher

Source: Krone


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