Podemos Euskadi appeals to a “plural” and “diverse” homeland that defends “what is customary”


The purple formation has invited Basque society to “rethink” the concept of the homeland and emphasized the importance of using self-government to build a “fairer society”.

We can Ahal Dugu has defended a “plural” and “diverse” concept of homeland that includes all Basques and defend “what is customary” on the occasion of this Sunday’s celebration of the Aberri Eguna

In a press release, the training invited the entire Basque society to “reconsider” the concept of homeland to seek, in the current climate of peace and coexistence, a definition of what Basque Country is that “without essentialism encompasses all the heterogeneity” of Basque society.

“Homeland is not a one-dimensional feeling, it’s a broad concept that encompasses all of us, a multiple and diverse feeling that defends what is customary,” says Podemos Ahal Dugu.

“The Basque Country is a nation defined by its specific culture and history, and by its common language: Euskera. But the homeland is more than that and includes different kinds of feelings and symbols,” adds this training that emphasizes the need to build Euskadi from “democratic principles and starting from its heterogeneity”.

We can Ahal Dugu defends the right to decide and insists that sovereignty rests with the people and is not limited to the legal framework of a territory, but also serves to decide how it is administered.

In this sense, he emphasizes that “it is not the country to brandish the ikurriña while privatizing public services” and stresses the importance of using the self-government to build a “fairer society”.

Source: EITB


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