Only PSN believes that all substantive aspects of the Program Agreement have been met


Meanwhile, groups like Geroa Bai, Podemos or IE point to commitments that are still pending due to the responsibility of others.

At the beginning of the last session of the legislature, with elections in less than five months, the signatories of the Programmatic Agreement took stock and only the PSN considers everything substantively fulfilledwhile Geroa Bai, Podemos and IE point to commitments that are still pending due to the responsibility of others.

“The substance is done” thanks to the “effort and wealth of constant dialogue,” said the parliamentary spokesman and organization secretary of the psnRamón Alzórriz, who also recalled that the pandemic forced us to deal with other issues that were not included in the agreement and in which the axes were otherwise applied, such as the Calendar 2030the commitment to the values ​​of the peacethe gender equalitythe challenge of digital transformationthe defense of self-government golf active cooperation between institutions and civil society.

In statements to the EFE office, he has claimed that there are no infringements, but “future challenges” in a changing society, for which, for example, deal with the aging of the population with a new dimension of public health by using digital technology and tackling digital transformation for a new public management model that guarantees efficient and effective supply, without losing sight of the environmental challenge it requires promotion of renewable energy.

gero bai However, he understands that before the end of the legislature it is “essential” that the provincial police assume jurisdiction over traffic and that the Navarre police law is developed according to regulations, two pending issues in the first case due to “obstacles to the negotiations”. with the Sánchez government”, which Uxue Barkos trusts can be resolved, and in the second case because of “inaction on the part of the Interior, which urgently needs to be corrected”.

Begoña Alfaro, Secretary General of Can westresses, for its part, that before the parliament is dissolved, the regional law on combating racism and xenophobia and restorative justice and mediation must be adopted. He also notes that, although it is a state power, the passage of the housing law will be “critical” so that in Navarre “it can put a limit on abusive rents” in stressed areas and so that they can take advantage of this limit. “all those families whose income is swallowed up by the cost of housing”.

More numerous are the demands of the spokesperson I.EMarisa de Simón, who, together with a tax reform and the creation of a public bank, demands before the end of the legislature the strengthening of primary care, the development of quality public education and the end of agreements with gender-segregated schools , addressing it of the local administration reform, the reversal of medical transport, the development of the employment plan and the climate change law and the reform of the Basque language decree.

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Source: EITB


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