Interview with Arnaldo Otegi, General Coordinator of EH Bildu, in Euskadi Irratia


“Without entering into the political battle,” said EH Bildu’s general coordinator, it is enough to read the statements about corruption in recent years to know what the PNV model is: “Alonsotegi, Getaria, the OPEs. .. The list It is very long. Friendship and clientelism “.

Euskaraz irakurri: Otegi: “Ustelkeria kasuekin EAJ bera bakarrik ari da bere burua higatzen”

Following the confirmation by the Supreme Court of the judgments in the De Miguel case, the General Coordinator of E H Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, has wanted to launch a reflection “without entering into electoral or partisan battles.” According to him, the verdicts speak for themselves and the resolutions on corruption cases of recent years in Euskal Herria “make clear what the governance model of the PNV is”, “a system based on nepotism and the clientelistic regime”. For example, he believes that with the corruption cases “the PNV is exhausting itself”

Interviewed in Euskadi Irratia, the leader of EH Bildu has called for “political responsibility” to ensure “equal opportunities for all citizens without corruption”. “Getaria, Alonsotegi, the OPEs… the list is very long. Ask people if they know of cases or not. The data is there. EH Bildu has zero cases of corruption. We advocate a different country model… We Basques” We have a right to live in a fair republic and these things cannot happen. And when they happen, we have to accept them. It’s not worth saying ‘we removed them’. These people have been in office for 12 years. The seriousness that’s it,” he added.

In this sense, he recalled that Abertzale’s left-wing coalition has more than once suggested the creation of an “independent observatory” in the Basque Parliament to fight corruption, an initiative that “has always been rejected by the PNV and the PSE “.

On the other hand, when asked about the reform of the crime of embezzlement and the repeal of sedition, Otegi replied that “we are facing a political and not a legal issue, which Spain does not want to understand.” He referred to the crime of embezzlement to explain the following: “People set up ballot boxes to decide their future, and that’s a crime in Spain. Of course they used public money to give people a vote or to line your pockets, is that the same thing? It’s a political debate, not a legal debate. There are people here who have been punished for giving the people a voice.”

Finally, regarding the upcoming electoral appointments, he has not disclosed whether he will be a candidate or not. “I have not thought about it and have no ambition for it. I am a political militant,” he stated. Of course, he acknowledged that the EH Bildu coalition is doing its homework to face the upcoming “long election cycle” with strength and acknowledged what the main challenges will be: “We have a clear chance to win in Gipuzkoa. In Álava and Navarra. We also have opportunities, and in Bizkaia our goal is to close the gap with the PNV. In addition, we want to remain the first municipal force in the town halls to build a different model for the country.”

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Source: EITB


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