Violent childhood? – Author: “The left does not want an integration debate”


On the occasion of the Halloween and New Year’s riots, bestselling author Ahmad Mansour, in a conversation with Katia Wagner, warns of a group of migrants who “live with us but never arrived emotionally”. However, for him, the refusal to discuss “ideologically left” is also a problem …

According to the psychologist, “a lot of effort has been expended” in Germany after the terrible New Year’s Eve to “water down and reject” the debate about failed integration. For Mansour, however, the discussion is essential, because: “For me, paternalism when it comes to migrants is racist.” Not necessarily society is to blame for a lack of integration, but also migrants who “see our democratic structures as weaknesses”. “. .

NEOS politician: ‘Has been abused homophobically’
NEOS integration spokesperson Yannick Shetty also made people sit up and take note with his approval. “Yes, there is an ideological left,” he affirms. Shetty even sees a sort of “left-wing double standard” in looking the other way when what “we’ve been fighting for decades” – such as women’s rights – is “under attack” from migrants. The deputy tells of his own experience: “I am gay. I have found that in seven, eight out of 10 cases where I was bullied while walking down the street with my partner, the homophobia came from young migrants.”

Second chance or eviction?
The integration expert Kenan Güngör warns against generalization despite the news about violent young people with a migration background. “99 percent of the young people celebrated peacefully,” he recalls. Due to the few young migrants roaming the streets screaming and screaming, one cannot say that integration has failed. For him, the riots are also a “youth phenomenon”. The young migrants come from cultures with a “strong sense of pride and superiority” and are “losers” among us. This results in frustration. Güngör advocates giving the young rioters a second chance.

Godl (ÖVP): “Abolish social benefits for those who do not want to integrate
ÖVP integration spokesman Ernst Gödl does not see integration in Austria as a failure. There have been “special challenges” since 2015, when 165,000 recognized asylum seekers have since resided in our country. For him, not only offers such as German tutoring lessons or social workers in schools are an important step, but also that social benefits should be reduced if someone refuses to integrate. But ultimately people should also be able to be deported – “if possible”.

‘No hospitable culture without deportation’
Author Ahmad Mansour also agrees. Of course, investments must be made in education and value transfer, and integration must be promoted “broadly and sustainably”. But he makes it clear: “There is no culture of welcome without repression and without deportation”.

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