Viennese education director – Abuse cases: “There are always black sheep”


To prevent abuse in schools, teachers must now sign off to confirm that they are not sex offenders. One who approves of this is Heinrich Himmer, Director of Education of Vienna. “Unfortunately, there will always be abuse”, which is why we need to get better and “tighten the network”. It was the first state to commit to presenting child protection concepts. It is “not another new brochure”, he promises in a live talk with presenter Conny Winiwarter.

In addition, the Viennese Ministry of Education will house a “Child Protection Competence Centre”. The police are also part of it. “We have to get out of the taboo area and talk about it, even if nobody likes to do it,” Himmer said. They also want to talk directly with the schools: with all the teachers, the students and the parents. Risk situations must be analyzed – such as in changing rooms or during swimming lessons. Abuse is primarily a male issue. Himmer: “The focus should be mainly on men.”

general suspicion? ‘I see it just like the minister’
From the outset, abusers must be prevented from ending up in education. Sounds good. But how should that work? “No one is carrying a sign that says they are a sex offender,” Himmer said. A solution can be found at the federal level: According to Education Minister Martin Polaschek, future teachers must confirm with their signature that they are not sex offenders.

“That alone won’t be enough,” Himmer clarifies, but he thinks it’s a good idea. Because this measure would also make it possible to determine whether someone has ever been involved in investigations into sexual abuse. “You don’t see that reflected in an extract from the criminal record.” Of course there would be no question of a general suspicion: Minister Polaschek already replied to indignant teachers that you must present a certificate of good conduct in every government service. “I agree with the minister,” Himmer agrees.

Financial education “belongs at school”
With a “financial driver’s license”, children and young people should learn “financial basics”. “We can’t pass everything on to the teachers,” says the trained educator. It is also unlikely that all teachers are financial experts. That is why external resources are deployed, for example a former governor of the National Bank, the former director of the National Bank, WU professors, the Labor Chamber and the debt counseling service.

“The schoolchildren are striking at the price increase en masse.” Here we want to prevent this. How exactly this should succeed and to what extent career changers in the teaching profession are a solution for the staff shortage, is explained in the video by the Viennese education director.

You can see the entire interview with Heinrich Himmer in the video above. KroenLIVE can be seen from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am.

What do you think of the measures against child abuse? Do we need more financial education for children and young people? Comment with us!

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