“Effective barrier” – Nehammer dreams of an EU border fence on the American model


Karl Nehammer wants to see a fence similar to the one between the US and Mexico on the EU’s eastern border. “We need effective barriers,” demands the chancellor. And adds: “They have to be very high, they have to be very deep in the ground and they have to be monitored consistently – technically and personnel wise.” Only with this “triad” can illegal migration be contained.

“The head of our federal police is there at the moment,” Nehammer reveals in an interview with the German newspaper “Bild”.

Robust protection of the EU’s external border”
The next step, according to Nehammer, is to “share this knowledge with other EU countries such as Bulgaria to improve our EU border control.” Space and counter-terrorism in the EU”.

At a summit in early February, EU countries agreed to better protect the EU’s external borders, but left the way open. Nehammer had repeatedly asked for fences.

Iran: Three million Afghans want to go to Europe
Speaking of the upcoming summit, Nehammer said the migration development was “absolutely dramatic. And there are still an incredible number of migrants waiting on the routes. In Iran alone, there are three million Afghans who want to go to Europe.

In addition, there is the situation in the earthquake zone in Turkey and northern Syria, where more than a million refugees from Syria live and have now lost everything again.”

“Asylum procedures continue”
Asylum procedures will continue, according to the Chancellor. “The EU stands for respect for human rights. But in the end, we must avoid crossing several safe countries and then applying for asylum in the countries with the best social systems.

Source: Krone


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