“Margarita Robles is the state’s Trojan horse in government”


The former vice president of the government of Spain calls espionage “something very serious”, especially if the government is behind it. In his opinion, the situation for Sánchez becomes untenable as Robles pushes the PSOE to come to an agreement with the PP and with VOX and endangers the coalition government.

Euskaraz irakurri: Pablo Iglesias: “Margarita Robles Statueren Troiako zaldia da Gobernuan”

Former Vice President of the Government of Spain paul churches believes that the Spanish Defense Minister, Margaret Oaksrepresents “the Trojan horse of the state in the Spanish government”, and it is enough to see “the supporters of the media on the right, who are delighted to have a representative of theirs in the Council of Ministers”.

Iglesias spoke in those terms this morning about the En Jake program. which Iglesias does not rule out that Pedro Sánchez “thinks about what he gains as president with Robles as defense secretary.”

Margarita Robles, who is probably the most brilliant lawyer in her class, spoke yesterday at the congress of the… legitimacy to spy of a government or state. What is left, government or state? Because it’s not the same,” Iglesias noted, adding that “no one should be surprised that there are parts of the deep state spying on it. But if it’s the government who spy and who has ordered the CNI to install a series of Israeli-made computer materials accessible only to states not only to hack conversations, but to spy on the privacy of political leaders, their lawyers and their families without judicial authorization, we are talking about something very serious

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Source: EITB


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