“Scraping Everything” – Rauch At War With Trade: “I’ve Had Enough”


After a long scare, the cabinet wants to present a package against rising food and energy prices on Wednesday. They are still tight-lipped about the details, after all negotiations are still ongoing, said Social Affairs Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) on Tuesday evening. However, he gave free rein to his dissatisfaction with the energy industry and the food retail trade: “I’ve just had enough.”

The background to this is a blocking attitude on the part of the two industries, the minister said in the ORF report. “What does not work is the basic attitude of rejecting all proposals from Finance Minister Magnus Brunner and Economic Affairs Minister Martin Kocher (both ÖVP, note).” The people who have to pay the bills “couldn’t take it anymore”.

“If the market doesn’t work, politics must intervene”
Now it is a matter of “swiftly implementing inflationary measures across the board”. If the market does not work, “politicians must intervene”. He expects “more sensitivity” from the energy industry. Prices must be raised more slowly and any price reductions in world markets must be quickly passed on to customers.

“Golden Bridge” was not sustainable
The food summit that failed with a bang on Monday was an attempt at a ‘golden bridge’. Farmer prices would fall, but the supermarket checkout line would not. The situation is similar to the energy companies, who would pass on any increase in the world market to consumers, but only very slowly as they fall.

Energy package for the next heating season
It is of course not yet clear what the cabinet package surprisingly announced on Tuesday evening actually consists of. He assumes that “funds” will also be needed, Rauch said in the “Report”. In the energy sector, a decision must be made before summer and implemented in autumn – before the next heating season. When it comes to food, it has to be much faster.

Source: Krone


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