Next instance – Karmasin trial: WKStA appealed


After the conviction of former Minister of Family Affairs Sophie Karmasin (ÖVP) to 15 months in prison for a provision on anti-competitive agreements and the ex-politician’s acquittal of serious fraud in connection with the continued payment of her ministerial salary, the Public Ministry of Economic Affairs and Corruption has filed a nullity complaint against the acquittal filed. In addition, the Public Prosecution Service appealed against the verdict in the second indictment. The process then moves to the next instance.

In court, it was “undoubtedly proven” and “clearly documented” that Karmasin, after leaving the ministerial office in early December 2017, despite taking up a professional activity “with full intent” had managed to pay her ongoing payments to the end. steal from May 2018.

The Vienna Regional Court saw criminal liability abolished
However, the Court of First Instance concluded that criminal liability for the fraud was lifted because the ex-minister had to receive full, timely and voluntary compensation for the damage caused before the prosecuting authorities became aware of Karmasin’s guilt. The WKStA is now challenging this acquittal with a nullity complaint, a spokeswoman for the senior public prosecutor’s office told the APA.

The WKStA also appealed against the sentence of 15 months suspended prison sentence in the second charge. It involved three investigations for the Ministry of Sports, for which Karmasin was instructed by two competitors – including her former employee Sabine Beinschab – to persuade “to pass on offers that she had specified in terms of content and agreed with her in advance in terms of conditions”. of content to the customer, to ensure that Karmasin Research & Identity GmbH, attributable to it, would receive the orders,” the suit said. Beinschab and the second competitor made offers between April 2019 and June 2021, which Karmasin subsequently undermined, which the court of first instance ruled was “in any case unlawful” and “specifically anti-competitive”.

Defense attorneys are still on appeal
Defense attorneys have not yet ruled on any appeals, Norbert Wess, one of Karmasin’s legal representatives, said Thursday. You have until tomorrow Friday.

In addition, the WKStA has also filed a nullity complaint against the acquittal of the co-defendant head of department at the Ministry of Sport. The court saw no reason why the official would have deliberately assisted Karmasin with intent to cause harm when the verdict was handed down on Tuesday. The chairman explained that it cannot be ruled out that he acted in the interest of Karmasin because of Karmasin’s good reputation at the time or because he was subject to the authorities.

Source: Krone


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