Minister Raab grumbles – ‘Denying integration problems is a mockery’


Minister Raab is shocked by the ignorant attitude of some politicians in Austria. She warns of the pull effect of unemployed migrants.

Integration Minister Susanne Raab (ÖVP) is not indifferent to the position of district leader Hannes Derfler (SPÖ) on integration issues. “The attitude that integration problems are denied and that ‘people have to solve conflicts’ is cynical and a mockery of people’s concerns,” said the top politician indignantly.

Acknowledge problems and address them first
And further: “This attitude is part of the problem, because it has ended in years of inaction by the city of Vienna.” Instead of looking the other way, one should acknowledge the problems and take residents’ concerns seriously. “It is clear that certain problems prevail in neighborhoods where the majority of the residents are foreign, such as higher unemployment, for example,” says Raab.

In addition, Vienna voluntarily pays more social assistance to certain migrant groups than to other federal states. The difference for beneficiaries of subsidiary protection is several hundred euros per month. “This creates an extra attraction for unemployed migrants to Vienna. We also have to look to the future, where will all this lead?” warns the minister. On the one hand, this is unconstitutional, and on the other, it exacerbates parallel societies in the federal capital.

“Other countries, such as Denmark, approach integration issues much more fairly and make restrictive decisions,” says Raab.

“Integration problems as a company”
The Viennese integration councilor Christoph Wiederkehr (Neos) does not want to accept this: “Given the labor shortage, we cannot afford to leave immigrants to their own devices. I find it doubtful that the specially appointed economic party will not come up with more solutions here. seems that the ÖVP is turning integration problems into a business.”

Source: Krone


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