Interview with EH Bildu General Coordinator, Arnaldo Otegi, on May 31, 2023 on Radio Euskadi


EH Bildu’s general coordinator describes as “outrageous” that the PNV and PSE-EE are trying to form “a holy alliance” against the pro-sovereignty coalition, to which the PP is joining.

Eider Garaikoetxea O. | EITB Average

EH Bildu’s general coordinator, Arnaldo Otegi, has called on the jeltzales, socialists and Podemos to make “plural pacts” and leadership of the progressive bloc that the City Council of Iruña has EH Bildu; in the Parliament of Navarre, the PSN; in Gipuzkoa, Maddalen (Iriarte) and in Vitoria, Rocío”. Likewise he denounced “the holy alliancewhich the PNV and PSE-EE are trying to lock down against the sovereignist coalition, which includes the PP. “Will they be able to make that alliance against EH Bildu and then, in a month, say that the PP is very bad? When will the recess end?” he asked.

In an interview with the program “Boulevard”, Otegi spoke of a “turning point” after Sunday’s results, and “someone is wrong if they blame others”. “The country has changed. Continuing to insist on making 19th century policies is not going to work. You can’t tell people you approved budgets with EH Bildu and then say you don’t like EH Bildu. It brings politics into discredit.” and leads to worrying abstinence rates.

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