Interview with Elkarrekin Podemos parliamentary spokesperson Miren Gorrotxategi on June 7, 2023


Elkarrekin Podemos parliamentary spokesperson affirms that they will vote in favor “in all places” where they are “essential to form transformative governments”. He rules out “in principle” being part of any governments, though he says they will analyze those “town by town”.

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Elkarrekin Podemos parliamentary spokesperson, Watch Gorrotxategihas denied that the PSE-EE proposed agreements to participate in possible governments in Gipuzkoa or Vitoria-Gasteiz. “Is not true. I don’t know if Andueza mixed what he would like to do with what he actually did,” he stressed in an interview with the Euskadi Irratia program “Faktoria”. Exactly, in front of those same microphones, Andueza said on Monday that they suggested it to him but that the purple coalition did not respond.

The also MP has admitted that there has been “a superficial attempt” afterwards, but by no means “a negotiation process”. According to Gorrotxategi, the attitude of the Socialist Party in the state and in Euskadi is “contradictory”. “In Madrid they present the PP as an enemy, and here they facilitate a right-wing government where popular vote is essential,” he stated without quoting him about what is happening in the Gipuzkoa provincial council – PNV and PSE-EE have the support of the PP to achieve an absolute majority against the power with the most votes, namely EH Bildu.

Asked about contacts with the sovereignist coalition in Vitoria-Gasteiz or Gipuzkoa, the purple leader has endorsed that will vote for “in all places” where they are “essential to form transformative governments”. Gorrotxategi has “in principle” ruled out Elkarrekin Podemos joining these governments, though he added that they will analyze options “municipality by municipality”. “If we see that we’re contributing to a specific project, we’re in,” he said.

Finally, she has indicated that she will table an amendment to the whole Education account. According to Gorrotxategi, “things have not changed, the project does not respond to the needs and challenges of education”, recalling that his group has signed the education pact together with PNV, PSE-EE and EH Bildu and that the principles that are included in if not included in the formal text. He pointed out, among other things, that the law does not mean the end of universal consultation or an expansion of the public network.

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