Podemos and Sumar sign the agreement to ensure the unity of the left


According to various media, both formations will go to the Central Voting Office in the coming minutes to register the coalition.

The left unites under Sumar’s umbrella for general elections on July 23. The formation of Yolanda Díaz, second vice-president of the government, has managed to integrate Podemos and the rest of the progressive forces to the left of the PSOE: Izquierda Unida, the comuns, Compromís, Más Madrid and others such as Verdes Equo, the Chunta Aragonesista or Drago Canarias.

The representatives of the parties have sealed the unity pact and are already on their way to the Central Electoral Council to register the coalition, which will carry the Sumar logo and Díaz’s face on the ballots.

The agreement has been delayed due to problems with Podemos. Ultimately, the purple party gets 15 leaders from the list, eight of which could win a seat if the current result were repeated. According to various media, Podemos also receives 23% of the economic resources and presence in committees.

Soon more information.

Source: EITB


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