Azkoitia Bai Elkarrekin will finally support his own candidate, which could make it easier for the PNV to become mayor


In principle, this decision would make it easier for the jeltzales to take over the government by a simple majority, as long as EH Bildu doesn’t support the purple to avoid that.

The Azkoitia Bai Elkarrekin platform, linked to Elkarrekin Podemos, decided this Thursday to present its own candidacy for the mayor of Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa), which would in principle make it easier for the PNV to take over the government with a simple majority, as long as EH Bildu does not support the purples to prevent the jeltzals from taking control of city hall.

This independent platform, which was under the auspices and acronym of Elkarrekin Podemos before the election, has moved away from the general directive of the purple formation, which is to support EH Bildu where it can win the mayor’s office to form progressive majorities.

He GDP won the election in this Gipuzkoan city of 11,600 by reaching 7 aldermenwhile EH Bildu was the second force with 6, Azkoitia Bai Elkarrekin got 3 and the PSE-EE 1.

In the event that the three ediles of the platform had followed Elkarrekin’s mandate, Podemos could add 9 ediles with EH Bildu and deprive the mayoral office of the PNV, but they held a meeting this afternoon where they decided to propose their own candidacy and vote for themselves.

In this way, if PNV and EH Bildu, the two forces that want to rule Azkoitia, present their candidates for mayor, neither party would get the absolute majority needed for the election of the first mayor, thus the candidate of the list would be designated the most voted, in this case the head of the jeltzale list, Ana Azkoitia.

Source: EITB


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