Complains about pursuit – Wallner: “A pack of wolves attacked me”


The governor of Vorarlberg, Markus Wallner, has had a turbulent few months. He took a break and had to defend himself against corruption charges. In an interview with the “Krone”, the Ländle boss talks about prejudice and hunting.

Hardly anyone would have bet on his comeback a year ago. The ÖVP governor of Vorarlberg, Markus Wallner, said goodbye to an indefinite hiatus.

The Wirtschaftsbund affair, but especially the investigations against him, had greatly increased the pressure on Wallner. The main accusation was that, according to a newspaper report in the “Vorarlberger Nachrichten”, he promised to offer something in return if an advertisement were placed in the newspaper of the Vorarlberger Wirtschaftsbund. A vote of no confidence in the state parliament followed. Many thought he was retiring.

Today, a year later, Wallner has been rehabilitated. The WKStA’s investigations against him were stopped because no evidence could be found against him. In the ‘Krone’ interview, he now tells for the first time how he has fared during this crisis.

Source: Krone


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