EH Bildu and EH Bai call to justify the existence of the Basque people at the Tour’s pass


EH Bildu spokesperson Unai Urruzuno and EH Bai representative Mathilde Hary appeared this Tuesday in Hendaye (Lapurdi) to read a joint text.

EH Bildu and EH Bai have called on the public to line the roads the Tour de France will travel in the coming days to claim the existence of “a Basque people who want to decide their future”, to ” to teach the world that the one they see on their television is Euskal Herria and that we are neither Spanish nor French”.

The spokesman for EH Bildu unai uruzuno and the representative of EH Bai Mathilde Harry appeared this Tuesday in Hendaye (Lapurdi) to read a joint text recalling that from next Saturday to Monday “the roads of Euskal Herria will witness one of the most followed sporting and social events in the world world”.

For example, they pointed out that the Tour “goes far beyond a mere sporting spectacle” and they have emphasized that over the years Basque fans have ” flocked to the Pyrenees to see the best cycling in the world, to cheer on our cyclists and other runners”. “But it will also represent a city, Euskal Herria. You just have to see the images that are repeated year after year in the Tour,” they added.

Urruzuno and Hary confirmed that “a unique opportunity to show the world that here is a people divided into two states, that we are neither French nor Spanish, that we are Basque men and women, from Euskal Herria”.

“A great showcase is opening up for us to express to the millions of people who will follow the Tour that there is a people here with its culture and its own language, an opportunity to tell the world that there is a people here, Euskal Herria , who want to decide their future freely and democratically,” they note.

Source: EITB


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