NA+ and Geroa Bai agree on an amendment to shield the positions of religion teachers


The rest of the parliamentary groups voted against because the amendment violates education laws. They call the decision “ideological” and “bottomed up” because on other occasions, teachers who have reduced their teaching load have lost their jobs.

Euskaraz irakurri: Na + eta Geroa Baik erlijioko irakasleen lanpostuak blindatzeko zuzenketa adostu dute

The plenary of the Navarrese parliament approved this Thursday with the votes in favor Navarre Sum Yes Geroa Bai and against the rest of the groups (PSN, EH Bildu, Podemos-Ahal Dugu and IE) the Regional law ensure job retention in the faculty by religion in the civic centers of the Foral community, cheered by those involved from the guest gallery.

Given the foreseeable reduction of religion classes to the minimum set by the LOMLOE from the 2022/23 academic year, according to the initiators, the rule aims to prevent the loss of jobs and the decline of the percentages of their contracts.

The explanatory statement claims that these workers, who teach Catholic religion in pre-school, primary, secondary and baccalaureate, enjoy an indefinite employment relationship and in many cases are nearing retirement, an additional reason to try to reduce the education avoid tax from making a dent in their “acquired rights”.

However, a report by the Council of Navarra has ruled that the law initially tabled by Navarra Suma was not in line with current legislation, but it does state that Parliament has the power to decide on the continuity of teachers’ jobs.

Thus, following this report, Navarra Suma and Geroa Bai agreed on an amendment to the original law that allows the Education Administration to exercise its power to organize the teaching activities of these teachers “in terms of their current job and destination”.

the parliamentarian of Navarre Sum Peter Gonzalez He explained that this amendment recognizes the administration’s ability to “move staff and assign other positions, but always guarantee their jobs and the hours and pay they already had.” According to González, this law is “an act of justice” with religion teachers and ensured that “this issue should have been resolved in the workplace”.

In the same vein, the parliamentarian of Geroa Bai Maria Solanawho has criticized the fact that “no negotiation has been made with this group on the part of the department to cut the subject”, which there has been no other way but to use the power of Parliamentto provide a solution to the situation of this indeterminate personnel, “without making this group more insecure”.

the parliamentarian of PSN Jorge Aguirre has stated that this law “absolutely ideologicaland it is not in accordance with the law.” According to Aguirre, “the aim is to stabilize a teaching staff who is going to lose the teaching load, a situation that has already occurred on other occasions, such as when the teaching load was reduced philosophy and teachers lost their contracts.

On the offense against these other groups, the spokeswoman for EH Bildu, Bakartxo Ruizwho has confirmed that with the adoption of this law “a fudge and in view of the proposed amendment we are in a dead end’, since, as he argued, the law ‘says one thing and the opposite’.

the parliamentarian of We can Ainhoa ​​Aznarez has affirmed that, by rejecting this law, his group “is in accordance with its postulates, we want a public and secular education“, acting in accordance with “the commitment made in the election manifesto and with the commitment made with the various parties that make up the government of Navarre”.

Finally, the spokesperson for Ileft-Ezkerra, Marisa de Simónhas also rejected the law, pointing out that “the one absurdity that this group is used with a law that does not favor them at all, quite the contrary. I predict there will be huge difficulties,” he assured.

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Source: EITB


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