Praise for successor – in short: “I will never forget the experiences”


Former chancellor Sebastian Kurz was a guest at the federal party conference of the ÖVP in Graz on Saturday. The 35-year-old quickly made it clear that he considered his two decades in politics over. He will never forget the formative experiences, the election victories in 2017 and 2019. As expected, he didn’t give his successor Karl Nehammer any advice, just so much: he should stay as he is and not lose his interest in politics.

Kurz worked in politics for about 20 years. While other people were politicized in demonstrations against the then federal government under Chancellor Wolfgang Bowl (ÖVP), he admired the bowl’s courage for reform. “Thank you so much for inspiring us at the time,” he said to his predecessor, who was on the podium with him. Kurz gained different experiences, learned a lot and made friends for life.

Election 2017 as a highlight
“The highlights were certainly being able to win this election in 2017 after so many years of the superiority of others, to be able to do it again in 2019,” Kurz said. Kurz has worked in the private sector since his resignation in October 2021. He still travels a lot, about 20 days a month abroad, the rest he is in Austria. It wasn’t until Friday that a friend of the former chancellor said Kurz was doing something wrong in his life because he worked around the clock, regardless of his job.

“Logistics effort for this little person”
But since April, his partner Susanne and their six-month-old son Konstantin also accompany him on his travels, making it easier to spend time together. Apparently, the former chancellor has not been able to sleep through the night during their travels together. “As beautiful as it is, it’s a huge logistical effort for this little human,” Kurz says.

“Nehammer fulfills tasks perfectly”
As expected, he gave his successor Nehammer no advice. Of course, Kurz has particular wishes that Nehammer stays as he is and that he doesn’t lose his fun in politics. “I have seen Karl in many roles and experienced him giving 100 percent and fulfilling every task he takes on perfectly.” The 35-year-old will never forget the formative experiences.

Source: Krone


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