Wiener der Woche – Readers of “Krone” fulfilled Tobias’s therapy dream


The primary school student from Liesing, the only Austrian born with a rare genetic defect, was able to start the long-awaited journey thanks to the great willingness to help.

“Tobias thoroughly enjoys every minute of therapy,” says Iris, mother of the eight-year-old, whose fate “Krone” reported before Christmas. The brave student said at the time that he gave Santa a break this year because all he wanted was expensive therapy abroad. The boy was the only Austrian born eight years ago with an extremely rare genetic defect. There are only about 60 diagnosed cases of distal arthogryposis worldwide.

The “Krone” readers made this dream come true for the boy from Liesing. On May 8, the child, who loves airplanes, boarded the plane with his mother to Curaçao in the Caribbean. Tobias has four hours of different therapies scheduled there every day until May 20. The highlight of the day for water enthusiasts is swimming with dolphins.

Nice progress and a unique experience
“The center has a very good reputation for animal-friendly livestock farming,” Mama Iris joyfully watches her young as he moves along enthusiastically with the animals in the water. “It’s just great, my trainer Markus is also very nice”, Tobias beams about the unique experience. The boy, who cannot perceive pressure and stretch in his muscles due to a lack of protein and who is dependent on a wheelchair, is making progress every day.

The whole trip is a blessing to the family. “Everything is so exciting, there are animals everywhere that I otherwise only know from the zoo or from books.” Tobias’ mother is happy and most importantly grateful. To all the “Krone” readers who have helped so generously after publishing their story: “We are blown away by the charity shown to us!”

Source: Krone


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