One defeated – Babler, Kickl, Nehammer: who’s in the Chancellor’s Duel?


They show themselves in their shirtsleeves and are already in the middle of the election campaign. All with the aim of leading their party to the top. But the latest surveys show: in the direct chancellor duel, only two of the party leaders of the SPÖ, ÖVP and FPÖ are neck and neck. Who the two leave behind – and how they can still score: an analysis.

Karl Nehammer once had a moment that earned him a lot of sympathy points. At the Altausseer Kirtag the chancellor drank a pitcher of “ex” beer. The video immediately went viral on social media – the Chancellor’s hard drinking was applauded in the country of beer drinkers. A week later the disillusionment. It was a stretched beer, as the free newspaper “Heute” reconstructed. The Chancellor drank water with only two centimeters of beer in the glass – he knew it and still celebrated.

Source: Krone


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