Regulations in effect – testing restrictions with some exceptions


More than 24 hours before the entry into force, there will be more light on the limitation of the corona tests. Because the regulation that regulates the details is now available. It shows that in sensitive environments such as hospitals, nursing homes or kindergartens, unlimited free testing can continue. In addition, there are five PCR and five antigen tests per month, although other tests already purchased in April can be used.

In concrete terms, the relatively lean regulations mainly define the areas where free testing can continue indefinitely. These are primarily care institutions, where residents, employees and visitors can take the test for free. The same goes for facilities for the disabled, hospitals and spas.

24-hour nurses and personal assistants for the disabled are also exempt from the restriction. In kindergartens, staff and children can continue to be tested without quotas. The Ministry of Education is responsible for the schools. The same rule as in kindergartens will be established for refugee facilities. Finally, employees of rescue services also fall under the exceptions.

Free testing for people with symptoms
It’s also clear that symptomatic people come to their tests for free. The scheme does not need to be changed for this. The Ministry of Health believes that the hotline 1450 is responsible, but the federal government has not specified an organizational form. This means you can take the tests for other symptoms as well. For example, if Vienna were of the opinion that people with symptoms should be tested via “Alles gargles”, it could be tested there for free.

Anyone who has already bunkered tests can redeem them at least in April, but not indefinitely. In addition to the five “new” PCR test kits, five previously purchased can be evaluated for free.

Organization is the responsibility of the federal states
It is up to him how everything is organized in the respective federal state. Vienna has already announced that it will continue to rely on “Everything gargles”. Styria, on the other hand, prefers processing through pharmacies.

Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) said in a broadcast on Wednesday evening that the basic characteristics of the test system must be preserved in order to be well prepared for the fall. Because if a new virus variant makes it necessary, everything could be restarted quickly. Currently, however, a re-sizing of the test regime makes the most sense. Tests would now be mainly used where they are needed.

This rule, which essentially determines the extent to which the federal government reimburses the costs to the states, runs from the beginning of April until the end of June. A new regulation must be in place by that time at the latest, otherwise the regulation that takes effect now will be changed.

Source: Krone


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