2 new reactor blocks – The Krsko nuclear power plant is causing problems again


2 new reactor blocks – The Krsko nuclear power plant is causing problems again

The approval for the new nuclear power plant, which is located not far from an earthquake line, caused massive criticism two years ago. But now it will be twice as big.

General Energija’s managing director, Dejan Paravan, cites increased demand for electricity and investor interest as the reason. The capacity of the new nine terawatt-hour power station must therefore be doubled. Two new reactor blocks are planned for this purpose. And the Slovenian government fully supports the expansion: the project must be further accelerated with legislative changes – General Energija expects it to be put into operation as early as 2037.

Kaiser sees safety risks
Carinthian politicians feel insulted and sharply criticize the project. “History – Fukushima, Chernobyl – has shown that nuclear power plants pose an uncontrollable, monstrous safety risk that can have devastating, deadly consequences. “Especially when a nuclear power plant like Krsko is in the middle of an earthquake line,” says state governor Peter Kaiser with concern. “Something always has to happen before something happens.” He hopes for a reconsideration in the interests of the Carinthian people and offers Carinthian support in the transition to sustainable energy production.

Schuschnig wants to exhaust legal remedies
State Energy Council Sebastian Schuschnig is also deeply irritated: “Further expansion of nuclear energy in this earthquake zone is completely unacceptable and simply irresponsible. If the rumored plans for a new capacity expansion are implemented, Carinthia will exhaust all legal and political means at all levels to prevent this,” Schuschnig emphasizes. “This centuries-old nuclear power plant near Carinthia must be closed once and for all.”

Angerer calls for closing the “ticking time bomb”.
FPÖ leader Erwin Angerer also sees the state governor as responsible. “Governor Kaiser in particular is now being called upon to demand that the Slovenian government shut down Krsko’s ‘ticking time bomb’ and stop expanding it,” Angerer explains. “The Carinthian FPÖ will take further action at the next session of the state parliament on October 5 and call on the Carinthian state government to finally take loud action and enforce a shutdown.”

However, the final decision for the significantly larger renovation has not yet been made – General Energija wants to make a final investment decision by 2028 at the latest.

Source: Krone


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