Meeting in Brussels – The Styrians want to get more money from the EU


For the first time since 2016, the Styrian state government is holding a meeting in Brussels. Black and red politicians use financing for the production of cars, semiconductors and transportation projects.

Many Styrians are annoyed by the bureaucratic crazy ideas and absurd regulatory madness of the EU. Only recently was the ‘Krone’ report published about penalty points, driving bans for seniors and new driving license rules for fire engines. The state government wants to convince the Styrians with its own government meeting in Brussels that the EU not only irritates us, but also brings something to Styria.

At the conference in the Styrian office on Tuesday, the state councilors approved many resolutions under the auspices of Governor Christopher Drexler (ÖVP) – with the full emphasis on the white-green European policy. The timing of the meeting was deliberately chosen: nine months before the European elections, because Parliament will meet again in June 2024.

In the center of power
There is no harm in networking with EU institutions and officials who represent them. And it is not every day that a state government appears united in political capital and thus shows interest in having a say in the center of power.

And these are the most important points that need to be ticked off in the coming years.

Agricultural policy: The government opens the state treasury and releases 187 million euros by 2029. This means that the EU’s agricultural financing taps can be tapped; investments worth 1.2 billion will be generated in Styria.

Car industry: It is undergoing the biggest change in its history – the key word is the end of combustion engines, e-fuels, etc. Styria wants to be at the forefront of this and also promote this at European level.

Semiconductor: De Groene Mark is one of the European leaders in the field of chip technology. The government plans to get more money from Brussels for the industry.

Regional foreign policy: Last year, Christopher Drexler declared his focus on the Western Balkans and signed a partnership agreement with the Serbian province of Vojvodina. Now there should be further cooperation with North Macedonia. “This is our contribution to ensuring that the countries of the Western Balkans have prospects of joining the EU,” Drexler said.

Traffic: Deputy Governor Anton Lang is aiming for EU support for major transport projects.

During the day, the white-green delegation continued to the Hungarian Commissioner for EU Enlargement, Olivér Várhelyi. The unrest in Northern Kosovo was also discussed.

Source: Krone


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