Vote on proposals to meet the demographic challenge in Euskadi. to cope


In addition, PNV and PSE-EE have rejected EH Bildu’s main proposals: establishing an aid amount of EUR 150 per month per child, to be received up to the age of 18; free public transport and medicines for children between 0 and 12 years; and limit the rent.

The Basque Parliament has urged the governments of PNV and PSE-EE to promote through social dialogue the gradual extension of the current 16 weeks to 18 weeks. maternity and paternity leaveequal and non-transferable, in the private sphere.

This is one of the proposals for a resolution approved this afternoon by the Basque Parliament, after a whole day of full monograph on demographic challenges to seek solutions that reverse the gradual decline of the population in a community like the Basque, where the birth rate is 1.28 children per woman, one of the lowest in Europe.

The extension to 18 weeks of maternity and paternity leave is included in one of the proposals negotiated by the groups of the PNV, PSE-EE and Elkarrekin Podemos-IU.

These three groups also agreed on another proposal asking public authorities to migrants and refugees carrying out the necessary procedures to settle in the Basque Country and for their social integration and to support them in the process of accessing social security systems.

The Chamber has approved other original proposals from EH Bildu, including the one urging the institutions to public transport rates for young people, study fiscal measures to move empty housesas well as the development of a plan for the generational change of young people and the improvement of public transport in rural areas.

Another of the approved proposals that the partners of the Basque government have agreed with PP+Cs calls for the average age of emancipation to be lower than 28 years by 2030 and for the birth rate to be increased by 15% for that year.

Similarly, a PP+Cs initiative has been approved in which Parliament asks Osakidetza to de assisted reproductive treatment women with fertility problems derived from a pathology and another that asks the government of Iñigo Urkullu to collect the collective agreements mediation and co-responsibility measures

Elkarrekin Podemos-IU, for its part, managed, among other things, to approve a proposal to set up pilot projects for community housing with the aim of preventing unwanted loneliness of the elderly.

Rejected EH Bildu .’s key measures

EH Bildu initiatives such as creating a universal supply of 150 euros per month per childwhich would be received until the age of 18 or free public transport and medicines for boys and girls from 0 to 12 years.

Others from the coalition have also not been approved, such as the limitation of rents to guarantee a maximum of 30% of the salary intended for the payment of the rent and the one who proposes to promote a working week of four days or 32 hours.

Elkarrekin Podemos-IU has failed to implement its proposal for an urgent tax reform, including: tax deduction reimbursable in personal income tax for an amount of 100 euros per month per child younger than 18 years.

The PP+Cs have also failed to get Parliament to support its measure to “tax audit” via IRPF of at least EUR 1,250 for each descendant under the age of 18 who lives with the taxpayer, and to increase the deduction for birth by at least EUR 1,000.

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Source: EITB


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