Dogs, Parking and Co. – Vienna earns half a billion euros in compensation


The city took more than half a billion euros in fees last year. Think of the dog tax, but also of parking management. The latter in particular will add 54 million euros to the treasury next year.

For some it’s just a scam, for others a long-awaited way to curb individual traffic: the nationwide parking sticker. For the city, however, it mainly means one thing: extra income of no less than 54 million euros. In 2021 there were still income of 117 million euros, this year it is 171 million euros.

But the Viennese also have to pay other fees, such as property tax, council tax, dog tax or fire protection tax. A total of 518 million euros was flushed into the city treasury. That is good for 3.2 percent of the total turnover.

However, this should not be confused with revenues from services, which total EUR 851 million. This includes 225 million euros for water and 298 million euros for waste.

Vienna already has nine billion euros in debt!
In the previous year alone, Vienna’s mountain of debt added 1.28 billion euros, city councilor Peter Hanke (SPÖ) announced on Monday. That means that the city is in the doldrums with nine billion euros, plus the outsourced companies with another three billion euros. Corona is also responsible for the current red numbers – all measures together cost the taxpayer 810 million euros. Another chunk: the minimum wage.

Source: Krone


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