Joseba Asiron, on the motion of censure against Cristina Ibarrola in the Pamplona City Council


The spokesperson for EH Bildu in the Pamplona City Council has announced that this Thursday he will start a round of contacts with the progressive bloc formations to try to form a stable government. For her part, Miren Zabaleta emphasized that “it is an agreement by and for Pamplona.”

After registering a motion of censure in the Pamplona City Council against the mayor Cristina Ibarrola (UPN), Joseba Asiron (EH Bildu) has indicated that the aim is to “remove years of paralysis, years of blockade and request for opportunities for Pamplona and to start providing answers to people’s needs from now on. Moreover, he has chosen to do this hand in hand with the “progressive forces” because “the broader the agreements, the more beneficial and effective they will be for the city.”

The spokesperson of EH Bildu and candidate for mayor, Joseba Asiron, has announced that he will start this Thursday with a round contacts with the groups of the progressive bloc with the aim of forming a “stable and shared government” and reaching a programmatic agreement of the legislature.

“We would like to see the PSN be part of the government,” he said at a press conference. For the rest, he has shown himself to be open to the socialists who will join ‘later’.

For her part, the general coordinator of EH Bildu in Navarre, Miren Zabaleta, has emphasized that there is no cause and effect between the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez and the motion of censure in Pamplona: “It is an agreement by and for Pamplona.”

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Source: EITB


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