Clarification required – Kogler for the U-Commission on Ländle advertising affair


In the coming week, the ÖVP’s Corruption Commission will deal with the advertising affair in Vorarlberg. Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) also speaks for the convening of a parliamentary control committee in the state. “In Vorarlberg, I urgently expect a commission of inquiry to be set up,” Kogler said in an interview with the news magazine “profil”.

According to Kogler, the Greens, who form a coalition with the ÖVP in Vorarlberg, would do “the most” to clear up the situation there. In addition, the strictest party financing legislation was maintained in Austria. “One thing is clear: the ÖVP Vorarlberg will not disappear in Lake Constance.”

Kogler said a huge number of suspected corruption cases are currently emerging “even by Austrian standards”. Most, however, relate to the years 2016 to 2019, of which hardly any occurred during the period of green government participation. Moreover, everything would be clear now, the vice chancellor argued: “Never before in the Second Republic was there such an extensive investigation as now.”

An “important difference” between Chancellor Karl Nehammer and his predecessor Sebastian Kurz (both ÖVP) is that Nehammer does not speak of red networks in the judiciary, Kogler believes. In this context, he criticized the turquoise faction leader in the U-Committee: “With the ÖVP mandate Andreas Hanger it is not always completely clear what he eats for breakfast, but in principle the ÖVP drives fewer attacks.”

Source: Krone


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