Party defends itself: – Daily new facets in the VP financing affair


Millions to the Seniors Association: More and more details are coming. A media group is also said to have benefited from the non-profit fund.

Was it subsidy abuse, wasn’t it? One thing is certain: it is hotly debated in connection with non-profit Covid aid. The Upper Austrian Seniors Association has arguably received two million euros. Legitimate, say the representatives. Unlawful, says the opposition. A complaint has also been filed.

ÖVP refers to the separation between party and association
According to party law, no money may flow from the fund to party work, party or sub-organizations. Argument of the ÖVP close association: Separation between party and association. No money flowed for celebration purposes. ÖVP Secretary General Laura Sachslehner also emphasized this double track on Saturday. The funds would only benefit charities.

Anyone who joins the Seniors Association also joins the ÖVP
Now a piece of paper is doing the rounds. A statement of membership of the Upper Austrian Seniors Association. Fine print: Anyone who joins the Seniors Association automatically becomes a member of the ÖVP. This should also shake the separate areas argument. In general, it appears that many organizations have received money from the non-profit organization in a dubious way. For example, an important media group with 800,000 euros. There have been extensive reviews of all cases for a week.

Source: Krone


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