Relatives of the CCAA members murdered in Pasaia demand justice forty years later


They regret that “what happened in Pasaia Bay” has not been officially recognized after four decades of complaining to the courts, which “have recognized that there is evidence of murder but have never had the will to clarify the case.”

Relatives of the four members of the Autonomous Anti-Capitalist Commandos (CCAA) murdered by the National Police in Pasaia in 1984 They demanded justice this Saturday, on the 40th anniversary of the events.

Relatives of Rafael Delas (Txapas), Pedro María Isart (Pelitxo), José María Izura (Peluy) and Dionisio Aizpuru (Kurro), accompanied by the spokesperson of the Egiari Zor Ainara Esteban foundation, appeared this Saturday at a press conference to assess the situation of the case and announcing an act of remembrance for the deceased.

They regretted that is not officially recognized “what happened in Pasaia Bay” after 40 years of complaining in court “They have acknowledged that there is evidence of murderbut they never had the will to clarify the matter.”

The case was provisionally archived by the Constitutional Court in 2017, but was reopened by the Gipuzkoa Court, which held three rounds of recognition a year ago that yielded no results.

The family members have stated that They have no hope of obtaining anything through legal meansTherefore, they asked for institutional protection, which was provided only by the Azpeitia Municipal Council, while the rest “they looked the other way”as they reported.

They remembered that The Basque government handed it over to the family members three years too latea report about the case in which it was recognized that the four deaths were victims of a “extrajudicial execution”.

Against the “impunity”, the relatives have assured that they will “follow new paths with dignity until everything is investigated and clarified.”

They have also announced a series of commemorative events, including a main event on March 23 in Azpeitia.

Source: EITB


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