Ex-spy Shirnov: – Attacked by the KGB? Karin Kneissl defends herself


According to an ex-spy and agent circle, former foreign minister Karin Kneissl would have been a candidate for the Russian secret service. The political scientist related to Russia speaks of defamation.

Kneissl, former Austrian foreign minister, a possible contact for espionage for Russia? An adventurous story. She was told by the Russian ex-spy Sergei Shirnov in the “Standard”. In the early 1990s, Kneissl was attacked as a “good candidate” for Secret Service recruitment.

The “Krone” was also provided with information from Secret Service circles, according to which Kneissl was a possible spy for the Russians. The political expert even confirms that she attended the elite school of public administration ENA in Paris with Schirnov. When asked by the “Krone”, she said: “Like me, Schirnow graduated from ENA in 1992. I was employed by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at no point had any contact with any intelligence agency.” She dealt with such defamation only in court.

As early as 2018, Schirnow made strange accusations that she didn’t care about. She suspects that the ENA has admitted active KGB employees to the international course. “On the advice of a French ambassador, I informed ENA that Schirnow was spreading falsehoods.”

Legendary dance and later jump
Karin Kneissl no longer gives interviews to the Austrian media. She said she would only answer questions from the courts or a parliamentary committee of inquiry.

Kneissl’s affinity with Russia and President Putin is clear. Only recently and after threats of sanctions, she left the supervisory board of the Russian oil company Rosneft. The little dance with Putin at her wedding is legendary. He was once a KGB man in the GDR. Until 1990. Around the time Kneissl would be the target of the KGB, according to the ex-spy.

Source: Krone


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